Beauty in the Arts

Choir and Chamber Choir

KHS still enjoys her proud heritage in choral excellence.  Ably led and conducted by Mrs Heather Beamish, and accompanied by Mrs Sandra Jones, they make the “dynamic duo”, who skilfully and expertly lead the choir in moving their audiences with the beauty of this art form.  The Chamber Choir, a small group of selected choir girls, can claim that their voices are honed and blended to perfection.  We look forward to both groups performing in 2015.


Our KHS debating team continues to excel on a local and provincial level under the guidance of Mrs Judith van Rensburg.  Their quick-thinking and articulate motions prove that KHS debaters are a team to be reckoned with.


With the abundance of talent in drama, the Drama Society is still performing and “wowing” audiences in their various performances during the year.  They will be showcasing various vignettes during the cultural week celebrations in August for the schools 140th Birthday.

Song and Dance

Song and Dance is a large group of girls who enjoy and participate in a mix of traditional singing, dance, poetry and expression on stage.  Song and Dance girls enjoy expressing themselves in many different artistic forms in celebration of their culture, their heritage, and honouring their traditional cultural roots.  Their energy and enthusiasm in their performances are always a highlight on the cultural calendar.  Proceeds of their events and performances are in support of various charities in and around King Williams Town, and when performing, they are “caring” as well.

Steel Band

Mrs Sandra Jones’ musical expertise shines through in her musical arrangements and leadership in the Steel Band.  The Junior Band (consisting of Grade 8 & 9 learners) are introduced to the steel drums/pans, and then progress to the Intermediate Band, after which, they qualify and are selected for the Senior Steel Band.  This Senior Band team has excelled at the Lions Music Eistedfords for the past 12 years, with many gold medals to their name, and Special Mentions always referring to the beauty of their arrangements and the melodic skill of their performances.

Vocal Avenue

This small group of girls is committed to vocal arranging and specializing in harmonies and perfecting the intonations of each individual vocalist.  They perform at different functions, and a honour and  highlight for the girls, was performing at the Steve Biko Centre at one of their gala events.