Old Girls Union

Upon leaving KHS, the years rush by and life brings with it many distractions…but every now and again, we sit and wonder how…..is and where……is!  And then very slowly, memories of school, and friends and funny recollections from the past start to creep in.

Welcome to the “old girls” connect page.  We hope you will use this as a tool to reconnect with old KHS friends and acquaintances. One of the strange phenomenons about school is that our friends were mostly from our standard or grade.  But once out of school, that no longer is an issue, but rather, that we were once KHS girls.  You may find yourself far from King Williams Town, or even far from the Eastern Cape, or even further…possibly abroad?  We hope this finds you well, we hope your KHS education has served you well, and we hope that friendships from the past can be rekindled and that KHS continues to impact positively in your life, long after matriculation.