High School Staff


Mr Johann Loubser

Mr Loubser has been in the teaching profession for 28 years, and started teaching at KHS in 1994. He was appointed as Headmaster in 2006.  Despite the many challenges faced by anyone in leadership in education, he is relentless in his commitment to, and pursuit of quality education for KHS girls.

He will not ask for what he himself does not give.  He leads by example, and expects the best from himself and those whom he leads. We thank him for the many personal sacrifices he has made on behalf of the school, and congratulate him for his input in many successes enjoyed by the school during his tenure.

We acknowledge him for ensuring that KHS is a school where all students are guaranteed a quality, education and therefore, preserving its reputation of excellence.  KHS has enjoyed 21 consecutive years of a 100% pass rate, and we credit him, our Deputy Principals and the whole KHS staff, for this glorious achievement.  Congratulations!

Deputy Principal 

Mr John Kerr

Mr Kerr has loyally and sacrificially served the school for the last 24 years.  Many of the successes enjoyed by KHS can be credited to his attention to the ‘million and one’ details, and making the desired outcome happen. We appreciate his service to the school, his care of and for the matrics, and the experience he brings to his many spheres of influence, viz:-

  • Grade Head of Grade 12’s
  • Liaison for the PTA
  • Grounds and Grounds Staff Co-ordinator
  • RCL Co-ordinator

Administration Staff

Top row from left

Mrs L Godwin (Finance Bursar), Mrs D Nel (Admin Clerk\High School Secretary), Mrs G Bennett (Admin Clerk\High School Secretary)

Bottom row from left

Mrs L Hall (School Fees Bursar), Ms N Ganes (SA-SAMS Co-ordinator/Admin Aide), Ms C Harrison (School Fees Bursar)

Our secretaries are amazing ladies, and are the nerve centre of High School.  Pressure can come from all sides, and they somehow cope with the many demands of a busy office, field endless queries, and somehow do all this with a sense of humour.  We are grateful for all they do to assist the staff!!

The Bursars and Finance ladies work long and hard to balance and reconcile vast amounts of monies.  We recognise in particular, Mrs Liane Godwin, our Bursar, who works non-stop with the Finances of 4 Departments.  Her work is meticulously accurate.

Heads of Department

Grade 8

Mrs C Frauenstein

Grade 9

Mrs S van Dyk

Grade 10

Mrs H Kanes

Grade 11

Miss R Marawanyika

Academic Departments


Subject Head:  Miss R Marawanyika

Miss Marawanyika, Mr Hogge, Mrs Fritz, Mrs van Rensburg, Mrs Gajraj


Subject Head:  Mr J Loubser

Mr Loubser, Mrs Wingate, Mrs Frauenstein, Mrs Fritz


Subject Head:  Miss Kotsana


Subject Head:  Mrs M Abraham

Mrs Abraham, Mrs Danielkutty, Mr Ndakisa, Mrs Wingate

Mathematical Literacy

Subject Head:  Mrs M Abraham

Mrs Abraham, Mr Ndakisa, Miss Musoke


Subject Head:  Mr J Kerr

Mr T Mukodza

Business Studies

Subject Head:  Mrs H Kanes

Mrs Kanes, Miss Erasmus, Mr Mukodza, Mrs van Dyk

Consumer Studies

Subject Head:  Mrs S van Dyk

Computer Applications Technology

Subject Head:  Mrs V Robymon

Creative Arts

Subject Head:  Mrs C Frauenstein

Mrs C Frauenstein, Mrs J Tesmer, Miss A Walters


Subject Head: Mrs Kanes


Subject Head:  Mrs T Wingate

Mrs Wingate, Miss Marawanyika, Mr Hogge, Mrs van Rensburg,  Mrs Fritz, Mrs Gajraj, Mrs Visser

Life Sciences

Subject Head:  Mrs R Swannepoel

Mr P Swannepoel

Life Orientation

Subject Head:  Miss A Walters

Miss A Walters,  Mrs J Tesmer, Mrs D Visser,


Mrs S Jones and Mrs H Beamish

Natural Sciences

Mr Gwebani, Mrs Gajraj

Physical Sciences

Subject Head:  Mrs R Danielkutty


Subject Head:  Mr Gwebani

Mr Gwebani, Mrs S van Dyk, Miss Rebeiro Laires


Subject Head:  Mrs D Visser

Visual Art

Subject Head:  Mrs C Frauenstein

Grounds and Maintenace

Mr D Buss and Mr D Herbst are responsible for the inevitable pile of maintenance issues which arise on a daily basis.  They co-ordinate their team of workers to somehow accomplish multiple maintenance issues simultaneously.  We are incredibly grateful to them for our facilities and grounds being so meticulously cared for.

Additionally, these gentleman look after our huge grounds, consisting of sports fields, buildings, gardens and the facilities of four departments. I am sure that visiting our grounds, you would agree that they are absolutely beautiful, and all the staff appreciate working in such a beautiful environment.

We would particularly like to thank the whole team for their conduct and behaviour to all whom they come in contact with. Mr Buss, regardless of the age of a woman, will always tip his hat, and allow for her to pass.  This old fashioned courtesy, while some may think outdated, is truly noted and appreciated by those of the female persuasion.  Despite being incredibly busy, we appreciate all they do for us, and how they do it.  Thank you, thank you!